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in Kentucky

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You can purchase many homes in Kentucky using what is known as a “conventional loan” or “conforming loan.” This is one of the most common types of mortgages, and it can be a good fit for homebuyers with a range of financial situations and requirements.

What is a Conventional Home Loan?

A conventional home loan allows you to borrow up to the limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for conventional mortgages. It is possible to borrow over those limits, but for that, you need to apply instead for a Kentucky jumbo loan.

What are the Conventional Loan Limits in Kentucky
in 2019?

Conventional loan limits are set according to county. Let’s say that you are shopping for a home in Louisville. That would place the house in Jefferson County, with the following conventional loan limits in 2019:









These are the standard conforming loan limits which apply to most counties. Only in high cost areas are you likely to see higher conforming loan limits.

Homes in Kentucky are usually very reasonably priced, so these conforming loan limits should apply throughout the state. The loan limits are reviewed and revised every year, so we can check your county as well as the latest conforming loan limits when you apply for a mortgage.

Qualification Factors Considered for
Conventional Mortgages

Mortgage rates and other features of conventional loans in Louisville and throughout KY vary based on factors such as the lender you work with and your own borrower profile. Here is what affects your bargaining power:

Your credit score and debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.

Whether you are gainfully and stably employed.

The down payment amount you can afford.

Details of your financial history.

Down payments for conventional mortgages range as low as 3% and as high as 20%.

Conforming loans in Kentucky can carry adjustable or fixed mortgage rates. Rates are most affordable for homebuyers with competitive borrower profiles.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Amy VanValkenburg
Amy VanValkenburg
21:04 26 Oct 19
My husband and I were referred to Preston Riggs from FSB to handle our complicated loan application. Our move was very stressful as we were moving from Georgia to Kentucky and we had to stay in a hotel for three weeks while our home and our loan were being completed. Preston and his team were so amazing to work with. He was in constant contact with us throughout the entire process...even on the weekends! When our loan underwriters were slow and unresponsive, Preston knew just how much pressure to apply to them to get the loan moved through without upsetting them and causing increased delays. Preston has a great understanding of how the mortgage loan process works along with incredible communication skills; a very hard combination to find. I would highly recommend FSB and Preston Riggs to handle any and all of your mortgage and banking needs.
Jenny Parks
Jenny Parks
20:24 17 Jul 19
Highly recommend!! Entire staff is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Excellent customer service - they even brought loan documents to my office to sign so I didn’t have to leave work. Thanks for such a smooth transaction from start to finish!
crash tester
crash tester
01:14 16 Jul 19
The team at FSB made our home buying experience a total stress free experience. First Savings Bank came highly recommend but we were shocked at how fast and efficient the process was. I am recommend First Saving Bank to everyone. From the interest rate to the closing table the team at First Savings is amazing.We cannot thank you guys enough.
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith
17:12 15 Jul 19
FSB provides a productive and comfortable work environment fit for all walks of life. It's a lovely place to build experience and establish business connections. I thoroughly enjoy my fellow co-workers as well as those who visit from other branches. Proud to be a part of such an excellent team
Revision .
Revision .
14:22 11 Jul 19
I have never experienced such a wonderful place in my life. Made the usual atrocity of getting a mortgage as quick and painless as possible. Devilishly handsome working men and lovely and kind hearted women. I have never in my life wanted more then one household until I ventured forth to this magnificent environment. truly the greatest place on earth. Bring your whole family have them learn about how the harsh mortgage world can also be a fun and enjoyable place its like the Chick Fil A of mortgages an enjoyable experience you don't regret because its so freaking good!
Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan
20:10 10 Jul 19
Preston was very very helpful in our loan process. I think we communicated daily throughout the 2 month process. He never said “no” or “sorry, that can’t be done”. I am thankful for his professionalism and personal concern for my situation!! He made us feel like we were their only business at the time.
Christen Buel
Christen Buel
13:56 10 Jul 19
First Savings Bank's mortgage loan officer, Preston Riggs, was amazing. He answered all my questions quickly and my purchase loan closed faster than any other loan I have every applied for. Thank you Preston and First Savings Bank!
Tom Regan
Tom Regan
12:46 10 Jul 19
Our loan officer Preston and the staff were excellent to deal with. Everything went smoothly and we closed with no issues. It was an easy and great experience. I would highly recommend First savings and Preston.
Benny Tincher
Benny Tincher
02:25 10 Jul 19
First Savings Bank Louisville did a great job in processing my home loan in Marco Island, FL. I enjoyed working with all of the people at FSBL. They were very professional and accomplished what they said they would do in a very timely manner.
Alby Rogers
Alby Rogers
00:19 10 Jul 19
Great experience, helped with everything I needed done! Will be returning for sure! Highly recommend!
Daniel Barnett
Daniel Barnett
00:00 10 Jul 19
Quick, easy refinance with no surprises and a great interest rate!
TJ Olson
TJ Olson
23:40 09 Jul 19
The folks at FSB were the shining light of our home buying experience. They were always quick to respond to all of our questions and requests, and were an advocate to our family when we ran into difficulty with the title company. They will be my first suggestion to anyone in the mind to buy a home. Thank you Weldon and Preston, you guys were a big help to us!
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